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We provide seminars on multiple topics and can tailor them to meet your needs. From 45 minute conference breakouts to full day programs to online learning, we have the content and delivery that people want. We’ve got a laid back way of delivering valuable knowledge that makes learning fun. Some of our most popular seminars are listed below.

Get Your Wings

A one-day intensive artist incubator seminar for musicians. Part One provides a 10-point discovery workshop, geared to providing artists with a foundation of creative self-definition from which to make business decisions. Part Two provides intensive one-on-one sessions to answer participants’ specific questions about their own careers and goals. 


Tell Your Story

A bio writing and media-targeting workshop for all kinds of artists. 




Back Office Mastery

As Steve Jobs said, “Real artists ship.”  Licensing, fan base management, crowdsourcing, record keeping, royalties – we help you get a handle on the multiple mechanisms that exist to support, promote and sustain your artistry.




Festivals, Schools and Cultural Organizations

Ted is an award-winning roots music performer and historian who provides workshops for festivals, schools and groups. He has presented  at the Museum of Our National Heritage in Massachusetts, Switzerland’s Blues Rules and the SPOKESBuzz Artist Incubator Program in Fort Collins, Colorado, among other places.  These include tailored music history presentations and tutorials for kids and adults, such as “Start Playing Slide Now,” an introduction to slide guitar.


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